Thanks to my work I can visit places that I probably wouldn’t ever travel to in my free time. I think it is great, because that’s how you can discover things that you wouldn’t otherwise discover. I am sure, that nearly everyone knows the places Liverpool or Manchester. But let’s be real, who of you has ever heard of Chester?

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Madonna/MDNA Show in the Letzigrund stadium

Four years ago I was at the Madonna concert in Dübendorf. After that I promised myself to never ever again spend any money on this woman. The area of the Dübendorf airport is suitable for planes landing but for a concert is seemed not suitable at all. Madonna’s concert back then was sterile, boring and I only wanted to do one thing, which was to go home. Madonna did not create any atmosphere. In comparison with the Robbie Williams concert in Bern, where the singer made the stadium boil by himself and without any effects, Madonna’s production back then failed.Read More »


In the morning I had breakfast with Richard. The day before he was still employed and as of this day he is retired. The first day after a filled business life must feel funny. One does not receive emails, the phone only rings every now and then and the stress is gone. What shall one do all of a sudden?Read More »