POLAND: DAC6 reporting obligation relevant for VAT since January 2019

DAC6 will be implemented by all EU territories as of January 1st 2020 with reporting obligation on all relevant transactions since June 2018. It looked like until today that this kind of reporting obligation will not be relevant for indirect taxes. However the publication of the implementation in the national law in Poland shows that VAT relevant transactions will have to be reported as well.

New restrictive and broad Mandatory Disclosure Rules („MDR”) have been implemented into the Polish tax system since January 2019. The Polish MDR legislation has much wider scope compared to DAC6 Directive in particular:

  • An extended definition of reportable tax arrangements to comprise not only cross-border but also domestic tax arrangements.
  • A wider definition of covered taxes including VAT (with respect to the domestic tax arrangements).

Reporting of Polish Personal and Corporate Income Tax as well as VAT will be required.

More details coming soon.


Image source: unsplash.com

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