Dublin – Zurich

I’m booked on the flight at 6.40 am from Dublin to Zürich. The evening before my departure the reception cannot make my bill, but as customer service they offer to wake me up. I say OK and ask for 4.45 am.

But next morning I’m already awake at 4.15 am and deal with all my mails that have arrived since yesterday evening. I am ready and prepared and wonder why the hotel telephone has not rung. At last I notice that on the telephone a light is on and a message has been left on the telephone answering machine. But the telephone didn’t ring. A special way of waking guests.

The hotel prepared me a paper bag with breakfast. That is very nice and attentive. A good compensation for the mishap with the alarm.

It’s raining and the taxi I had ordered is already waiting. But the taxi driver doesn’t get out. After all, it’s raining. Self-service is the motto. I open the boot to store my case. On arrival, the taxi driver adds a tunnel charge to the fare. But we didn’t pass through a tunnel, it wasn’t even necessary. But I have no desire to argue with him. It’s still raining, again he makes no effort to get out and help me with my case. So I do it myself and intentionally leave the boot open. That is not nice, but after being cheated and badly treated, that is more than enough.

Yesterday I travelled with Uber in Dublin. The car was clean and great, the driver extremely helpful and friendly. There the choice between the official taxi and Uber is simple.

The automatic machine for printing the luggage label at the airport is not working. I have to queue. As the paper bag with the breakfast became wet, everything fell on the floor. I discover that I have been given a glass bottle with water, an apple, yoghourt and a sandwich. They are all rolling over the floor. I collect them up.

The yoghourt in a 125 ml beaker was taken away when I checked in. It’s over 100 ml. I knew that and nevertheless tried it on, hoping that human understanding could function. It didn’t.

So much for the pleasant breakfast. Another travel experience that I could have done without.


Image source: Micha Rittmann / pixelio.de

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