Open-air racetrack Oerlikon – holiday extension

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Summer is coming to an end. We are back from the holidays and the daily routine has re-started. But because outside it is still high summer, we try to come to terms with the inevitable. After work and school, we undertake things with my youngest, which extend the holiday spirit.

For example, we jump into the River Limmat in the middle of the city and want to be carried by the current. But to our great surprise the Limmat is stagnant and scarcely moves, so that in fact we have to swim to reach our desired goal. The normal strong current has disappeared. A stagnant but refreshing body of water remains. Apart from that, half the city has the same idea. You are really not alone. The atmosphere is relaxed. Unfortunately, the changing rooms close at 8. So much for that.

Or we visit the open-air racetrack in Oerlikon. A concrete oval, where the cycles make numerous circuits in a confined space. Various races are on display. All cyclists have the same distance from each other and when the starting gun is fired they try to overtake the cyclist in front of them. The last one remaining on the track is the winner. The winner is clear. We liked most of all the races, in which the cyclist rides in the slipstream of motor bikes. The motor cyclists stand on their motor cycles that are specially adapted for the event. My youngest shared the excitement of the athletes and his enthusiasm spreads to the fans of older generations. The majority of the spectators are male and conversations are started easily. One can talk shop wonderfully and the feeling of belonging to this community feels good. In the break there is bratwurst and mustard or cervelat and mustard and because all have the same idea in the break, there is a highly efficient, ingenious system for hundreds of bratwurst to be served in a short time. Because no one wants to miss a race. Entry is 10 CHF, children free. That is not much for so much fun on a warm summer evening.

Or we walk on our local hill, sit there on a bench and admire the play of the light and the sunset.

We’ll miss the summer and the holidays. They were simply wonderful and we have enjoyed them to the full, but they’ll come again next year!!

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