UK: Customs and international trade: ‘no regrets’ actions to be ready for Brexit

I am pleased to invite you to the next Global ITX webcast. Brexit has the potential to create some significant changes to the UK-EU border and how businesses engage with it.
The Customs and International Trade specialists, Matthew Clark, Claudia Buysing-Damste and Simeon Probst will discuss what ‘no regret’ actions businesses can take now to prepare for Brexit.

5 September 2018
1:30pm London
8:30pm Singapore
8:30 am New York

Whatever the border looks like, data will be key, so it’s a good time to review and ensure your data is accurate, appropriately classified and stored now, to make the process simpler from day one. Will your existing master data be able to cope with the new border requirements? In a post-Brexit world will procedures like Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), EORI, deferment accounts offer a competitive advantage for a more efficient border clearance, regardless of how the border is managed?

Join me when customs specialist from the UK, EU and non-EU discuss what ‘no regrets’ actions can help put your business on the front foot for responding to the future border, however events develop.

Please register here.

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