ZSC versus EHC Biel

HockeyIt was a good evening at this ice hockey match between ZCS and EHC Biel in the Hallenstadion in Zürich.

Firstly I haven’t experienced so much flirting in years. Once or twice I was even addressed as Fräulein. And that has not happened to me for ages. The main reason for this was the fact that on this evening women were scarce. So to speak, non-existent. This evening the Hallenstadion had been taken over by the men. I’ve tried to consider why so few women are there. Almost unbelievable. Firstly the atmosphere is great, secondly ice hockey is a fast sport and therefore very attractive to watch. The three playing periods are interrupted by super breaks, when one can chat with colleagues, get an eyeful of the hardcore fans or enjoy a leisurely snack.

But if I’m honest, I didn’t really enjoy the main attraction of the evening, the match itself. Sporadically there were super bursts of sporting activity and watching the players gliding elegantly over the ice is really pure pleasure. Only, unfortunately, this evening the players spent more time hitting each other, shoving, pulling shirts, knocking each other over, pulling the helmet off their heads than playing elegantly. They reminded me more of wrestling than hockey. And that is perhaps the reason why so few women watch, if what I had seen that evening is repeated. If the guys on the ice mostly hit one another, it is simply annoying. I am an empathic person and can well understand that it hurts. There is no fun in watching, how someone is hurt, including concussion. The male spectators present close to me explained that is a part of the fun and the more brutal, the greater the fun. And there we have it. Dear organisers, if you want more women in the stadium, make the match more elegant and ban all violence. If you want only men, then carry on as it is.

In the break we ate Wienerli with bread in the restaurant. I heard several coins falling on the floor. I looked around, but could see nothing. When we had finished eating and were ready to go to watch the last period of play, I stooped to pick up my bag and found nearly 20 francs in coins. I gathered them up and asked at the next table whether they were missing money. They looked in their bags and said no. Then I took all the coins and gave them to the waiters and waitresses. At least one good deed a day. The waiters and waitresses were really happ

A little later the men from the next table came to me in the stadium and one of them began to attack me, claiming that I had stolen 20 francs in coins out of his jacket pockets. It was now clear who had lost them, but as the coins were already in the hands of the waiting staff, it was too late to lodge claims. Of course I refused to give him the money and instead thanked him on behalf of the waiting staff. He was willing to waive his money and suddenly knew that it was the 20 francs.

But in appeasement he wanted at least my telephone number. He didn’t get that either. What am I do with a man, who can’t control his finances!!

The evening was entertaining after all. Emotions ran high, because ZSC had lost 4:1 at home. The ZSC deserved to lose, because the performance they had offered was really rather weak. And when they took the goalie off the ice so that in his place another field player could try to force another goal against the EHC Biel, but then seconds later they themselves conceded another goal, the rows of ZSC fans began to thin out. Obviously this was more than enough even for the true fans. I stayed to the end.

I can only recommend a hockey match, entertaining, full of surprises. Just as a recommendation to all women who want to go to a match for the first time: please dress warmly, it is cold in the arena!! and then enjoy yourself.

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