As a child I looked forward to Christmas for weeks on end. It was mysterious, auspicious and magical.

As the mother of small children, I was happy. To see one’s own children’s happiness was indescribably wonderful. The presents, the decorated tree, the perfect scenario. All that was important.

Now my children are older and although Christmas is wonderful, they have lost the magic of belief.


But my father says that this is perhaps his last Christmas and it must be properly feasted. After all a few years ago he celebrated his 80th birthday. But we have heard this story about his last Christmas for about 10 years.

He buys the largest tree, which fits in the living room, he decorates the whole apartment, takes out the festive Christmas decorations, plays Christmas songs for days and asks for presents.

His motto, what you can eat, does not count as a present. At my parents is baked, decorated, presents distributed and music played. The magic of the moment comes of its own accord. Most important is being together, meeting again, laughing together, having fun. The rest, the material, we do for my father’s sake.

I wish you all a joyful time, preferably with someone, to whom you want to give pleasure.


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