A gut feeling

It is Sunday, the wind is sweeping over Lago Maggiore and creating small waves, sometimes with a sprinkling of white foam. I’m sitting in my Laser, a small one-man yacht, in which even when there is scarcely any wind one gets a wet bottom. I’m sailing from Ascona to Ronco with the objective of sailing round the tiny island of Brissago and then returning with a following wind to the harbour in Ascona.

When the wind freshens, I hook my feet in the belt fastened in the middle of the boat and lean my upper body out of the boat to gain slope and speed. I soon feel my under-trained stomach muscles, but I don’t care and the slight pain spurs me on and doesn’t feel negative. My head is wonderfully free, the sun dances on the surface of the water and gilds it with a thousand tiny stars. I’m sailing in the sun and although it feels a bit strenuous, there is a wonderful feeling of complete relaxation. At that very moment from my left a very loud horn sounds and I notice with horror that I had overseen the scheduled ship to Italy. My mistake!! These ships always have the right of way!! I wanted to cross its bow. That would not be a good idea and my insurance would not have been pleased. Fortunately, thanks to the captain‘s watchfulness, nothing has happened. The heavy waves shook me up and I had to change my course a little, but apart from the rush of adrenaline in my body, this was only a footnote.

That is the consequence, when the head is wonderfully free. There is nothing, only wind, water and sun. There is no room for scheduled ships and problems.

If I had now decided based on a gut feeling, I would stay for ever in this wonderful corner of Switzerland. I would have learned Italian, bought myself a small yacht and, whenever the wind was fair, would be out there on the water. Perhaps the next day I would have felt a slight stiffness in my muscles and after a few days or weeks the muscles would have developed so far that I would not have felt anything. Instead of preparing the boat in half an hour, I would have been experienced enough to do it in 15 minutes.

I would do a lot of walking, cycling, admiring the nature. I would pick up all the books I haven’t read, which are piling up at home. I would invite all my friends one after the other and discuss God and the world with them until late at night. In summer, I would visit the Locarno Film Festival and enjoy the special atmosphere on the Piazza. I would watch all the sunsets, preferably from my stand-up paddle and at dawn I would have gone swimming in the lake.

But my decisions are seldom made on a gut feeling, but are logical and rational. I love my challenging intellectual work. I love change and for me standing still is not an option. Change caused by digitation is taking place at a breath-taking pace and is creating procedures, solutions and opportunities, which two or three years ago were unthinkable. In five years in my area a new professional reality will arise, a revolution will occur and I don’t want to miss it. And at this speed you have to be fully committed.


The future will show whether I would have done better to listen to my gut feeling. Today I am again enjoying the power of the thermic wind, the smoothness of the water and the enchantment of the sinking sun in my tiny yacht. From tomorrow the head will again dictate the rhythm.

Image source: Katrin Schindler  / pixelio.de

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