The right choice of a profession

I don’t know how one chooses the right profession. I was lucky and have found my profession. I am an entrepreneur with heart and soul. I love motivating people so that we can achieve common goals. It’s fun to attract exceptional talents and to share in their development and at the same time to learn from them.


I enjoy looking into the future, analysing the present, Spotting trends and choosing a course and pursuing my goals until the end. Difficulties spur me on and the impossible excites me as a challenge. Paired with the intellectual content that has to be solved, this is simply a privilege that I live every day.

When I was a child the neighbour’s boys wanted to be train drivers and later pilots. The girls dreamed of a career as actress or nurse. When he was still quite small, my youngest wanted to become a helicopter pilot. But he soon gave up this idea and has switched to a future as a circus clown. He thinks it’s great to make people laugh. The older he becomes, the more uncertain he is what he really wants to do in the future. That’s life.

It won’t be long and some professions will disappear and perhaps survive as hobbies. As soon as we have self-driving trains, buses, trams and taxis, train driving will no longer be a dream profession for youngsters.

But there is NO right profession. Up to now it has been my experience that, whatever I did, provided I approached it properly and with interest, it was just fun. At the weekend I sold things in the confectioners, at sporting events I washed glasses, I cleaned gas stations, packed magazines for mailing, was a sports instructor and child carer, have carried out statistical investigations and surveys, collected debts, established a company, converted houses and much more. The more I did something, the better I became in the job and the more fun I had. The problem was never the type of work as such but only the bosses or employees, who could now and then make life hell.

I have met some people, who were not satisfied with any of the professions they had chosen. But I have met many more, who loved their profession and enjoyed what they were doing.

I can remember that I was in the children’s hospital with my daughter, when there was a suspicion that she might have tuberculosis. She was in insolation in the ward for seriously ill children. The ward was colourful and cheerful and nevertheless terribly sad, because this is where children died. The nurse, who was caring for my daughter, was very calm and balanced, she radiated a satisfaction and harmony that I had seldom experienced before. Once I asked her how she could work in a ward like this and whether she could still sleep at nights. She told me very gently that this workplace was the best she had had in her whole life. Here she could really help and relieve suffering, she could be there, when in the lives of the children she was most wanted.

I have never forgotten her words. And I think I understood what she was saying.

That is why I am certain that every profession can be the the right one.

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