Michaela Merz

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Lavrin and the story of lifelong fraud

Lavrin didn’t care much about rules. Where he thought he wouldn’t be caught, he simply ignored them.

He never paid social security contributions for his cleaner and when he became self-employed, he deducted all her wages as business related costs, although she chiefly cleaned his home and cooked for him. He always drove his car too fast, but never fast enough for him to lose his driving licence. He fixed the cruise control so that on the autobahn he never exceeded 139 km/h and in town he never drove above 65 km/h.

When he bought clothes in Milan, with scrupulous precision he cut off all the clothing labels. He claimed refund of the Italian VAT, but he never declared the import for customs and VAT in Switzerland (although his purchases had a value of well over the 300 francs). Continue reading

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Marta, the entrepreneuse

I have known Marta as long as I can remember. We went to kindergarden together and both suffered under the strict regime of the time. After lunch we had to lie down and sleep. Marta and I could never sleep. The teacher covered our faces with a sheet. I hated it and struggled against it. Marta also didn’t want to sleep but she did not resist. She said, that didn’t help, and she could use the time better to think about how she get hold of the two red marbles of our sleeping fellow student, Jacob. Continue reading

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The right choice of a profession

I don’t know how one chooses the right profession. I was lucky and have found my profession. I am an entrepreneur with heart and soul. I love motivating people so that we can achieve common goals. It’s fun to attract exceptional talents and to share in their development and at the same time to learn from them. Continue reading

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What’s important in life

I was flying home and arrived at the airport a little too early. As it was midday, I went into the airport canteen, which is also open to visitors. I placed my small case by a free table and went to fetch my beloved cucumber salad. When I came back, an old man was seated at my table and wanted to start his lunch.

We greeted each other, wished each other an enjoyable meal and began eating. One word led to another and soon we were deep in an interesting conversation. I asked him, if I were a powerful fairy and he could have a wish, what would be his wish. Continue reading

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What is the moral of this story?

422772_web_r_k_b_by_uli-carthauser_pixelio-deLisa was clever. Perhaps not the best in her class, but always close to the top. She was small and thin. In her puberty she was not an object of desire for her male fellow students. That gnawed at her self-confidence. The few, not to say the only one, who had showed any interest her, she didn’t like at all and those she liked had no eyes for her. Continue reading

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Wadu has a problem

405672_web_r_k_b_by_manfred-schimmel_pixelio-deUntil yesterday the world was still in order. But today his girlfriend came to him and said that she wanted a child. Wadu likes children, but he doesn’t want any of his own. That’s what they agreed 6 years ago when they moved in together.
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