The right choice of a profession

I don’t know how one chooses the right profession. I was lucky and have found my profession. I am an entrepreneur with heart and soul. I love motivating people so that we can achieve common goals. It’s fun to attract exceptional talents and to share in their development and at the same time to learn from them.Read More »

The happy childhood

Eugen will be 80 years old. About once a year we drink a beer together. Or rather Eugen drinks beer and I something strange, as Eugen calls my non-alcoholic drinks.

Eugen has known me since I was a child and I have always found it amusing with him. I looked forward to the evenings with him. Yesterday we talked about life and suddenly Eugen began to talk about his childhood. Now and again he had told me about his father, who died shortly after the second world war of tuberculosis. I knew his step-father, who had brought him up, and also his mother. But they have long since died and only a few black and white photos can recall them to those who never met them.Read More »

The bringer of happiness

Outside it is still cold but the signs of spring are not to be overlooked. The trees are bare, the sky is grey and rainy and our neighbourhood resembles a construction site. Everywhere streets are ripped open, rubble, humps of soil, heavy construction machines and closed sidewalks. I know that in one or two years it will be splendid but right now and for more than one year everything is grey, dirty and loud around our place.Read More »