Michaela Merz

Gregor the egoist

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766216_web_R_K_B_by_Rosel Eckstein_pixelio.deGregor was an egoist. An egoist straight out of a picture book and what’s more convinced that he was the best. Criticism bounced off him like water off an umbrella. Well intentioned feedback was welcome, if it was positive. Everything negative and everything that didn’t serve his purpose was denied and suppressed.


On top of that he was an alpha animal and he got on badly with other alpha animals. Willingness to learn something from others was just not on the cards.

Most astonishing was, however, his conviction that he had charm and sex appeal and was quasi irresistible for women. Where he found this self-confidence, can unfortunately not be discovered. The reality was exactly the opposite. Some of his female clients, who I knew, complained about his misplaced and arrogant performances. Of admiration there could be no question.

Once we were at an event together with our clients. Shortly before the clients arrived, Gregor taught us how we should behave correctly. With some people he had criticised their outfit and behaved as if we were his company and not office colleagues. We were fed up with his lecturing, but no-one said anything.

Gregor floated from client to client and showed off his superiority in a jovial manner, which obviously was not well received. We observed how one of our female clients rolled her eyes up when she saw that Gregor was on his way to her.

The event came to an end and we still had the drinks to come. Gregor suggested that we take a photo of the group and we nodded our agreement. Gregor looked for the right position and stepped backwards. We all saw it coming, but no-one said a word. One more step and Gregor had reached a pool. Everyone waited, tense. Yes, Gregor landed on his back in the small pool, together with his smart phone. Some of us, including the clients, had great difficulty in suppressing a malicious laugh, but Gregor didn’t see that. He stood there in the muddy pool, looked incredibly funny and very wet and in his hair he had a plant. Unfortunately he didn’t have the stature to laugh at his misfortune and so the evening was further embellished with a flood of curses from him.

Did we behave fairly and morally? No, we didn‘t! But teaching him such a lesson was really satisfying. As always, unfortunately Gregor didn’t learn anything from this. I believe he didn’t even realise that there was a good reason why he didn’t have the support and sympathy of the group.

Image source: Rosel Eckstein  / pixelio.de

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