Michaela Merz

Elsbeth’s story

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428511_web_R_by_M.E._pixelio.deI saw them almost every day, if the weather was fine, sitting by the lake. They were both about 80. She was knitting, sometimes he brought a small yacht with him, which he steered from the bank, or he just sat next to her and gazed over the lake. I saw how time and again he picked the wild blackberries beside the lake and took them to her. They looked very content together.



One day I spoke to her. They had been married for almost 50 years. Her name was Elsbeth. She was born on a farm not far from Bern and grew up with five brothers and sisters. Her father, who himself had to leave school after the fifth class, insisted that all of his children learned a trade and were able to feed themselves. Elsbeth trained as a gardener. She saw the beautiful pictures of an English garden and really wanted to go there.

Her father was not so enthusiastic about the idea, but one day he brought her an advertisement, in which a large nursery in Tessin was looking for a gardener. Elsbeth thought, why not, answered the advert and got the job. She soon learned Italian and she liked the climate, the people, the mountains and the lake. As she was very pretty, she had very many admirers. But she found them all to be stingy and she didn’t want a stingy husband. Her father was always very generous and that’s what she wanted for herself.

When one day Ernesto drove by the nursery in a borrowed car and offered to drive Elsbeth home, she was hooked. Ernesto was generous and simply made Elsbeth laugh. They didn’t get rich. Elsbeth remained her whole life in the same nursery and for Ernesto sailing was more important than a career. Ernest built his first yacht himself, because there was no money to buy one.
They are healthy, enjoy life and are happy together. What more can you want?
M.E.  / pixelio.de

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