Michaela Merz

PwC Webcast: Data Analytics – 3 December 2015 (9h00 CET – 10h00 CET)

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465575_web_R_by_rudolf ortner_pixelio.deOver the last years, I have seen that challenges and demands faced by tax and finance departments have been growing rapidly. On the one hand, international developments mean that domestic and foreign authorities require more transparency on financial and tax-relevant data. On the other, internal stakeholders have an increasing need for real-time, detailed information on the financial and tax situation – from group to single-entity Level.

Furthermore, I see a trend that leading companies are starting to think differently about how they leverage data, realising that data integration and tax-sensitizing data can make the greatest positive impact not only for tax but also for their overall revenue and performance. If you ask me, reaping those benefits is all about having confidence in the integrity of your company’s data from which tax is reported. If these numbers are wrong, it can expose your company to misstatements, disclosures, penalties, reputational damage and cash flow being tied up unnecessarily.

So the key question is how your company can be more efficient in the way it handles processes and technological solutions and how those in turn can help your company to face the above-named challenges. In this light, I would like to draw your attention to the next generation data analytics solution. It’s an end-to-end package, focused on the user at all levels of the operation, easy to use and it ensures the maintenance of a full audit trail.

It would be a pleasure for me to give you more insights into this new age solution and to demonstrate how this tool works during a WebEx session which I will run on 3 December 2015 (9h00 CET – 10h00 CET)

If you would like to join this Webbex Session, please send an email to my Assistant Rahel Zanner (rahel.zanner@ch.pwc.com) with your personal details, so I can provide you with the participant details as it will be a closed session.

Bildquelle: Rudolf Ortner/pixelio.de

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