Michaela Merz


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DepressionGavril was popular. No wonder. He was funny and entertaining, he liked to laugh and could make other people laugh. One wanted to be in his company. He was a welcomed guest and did not miss any party. One of his trademarks was that he left the party as the last one after having helped tidying up.

He had everything one could wish for. A family with two children, a little house in the outskirts of the city, a job with which he earned enough in order to do the things he liked and many friends.

One morning he got up and went on his way to work. At the tram station he collapsed. His neighbour who saw it called the ambulance, which drove him to the accident and emergency unit. In hospital Gavril was checked. They suspected a heart attack but it did not confirm. After finalising all examinations it was not clear why Gavril had collapsed. All his results were within normal range. The doctor gave him a sick note for one week so that he could recover.

Gavril holed up in his bed behind darkened windows without any desire or urge to change something about his situation. Over the weekend he struggled to his feet. When he went to work on Monday, the situation from the previous week repeated itself. Everything looked like a heart attack. Gavril became pale, sweat came to his forehead and he also felt a tingle in this left arm. The following examination showed that his heart was completely fine.

The doctor mentioned that it would be possible that this was a panic attack which comes out of nowhere and can have the symptoms of heart failure. For Gavril it would have been easier to accept the diagnosis of heart failure. He, Gavril and a mental-health problem!! This did not fit and he refused to accept it. Apart from that the doctor diagnosed a depression.

Gavril wanted to forget about it. He was not ready to allow it and to deal with it. He refused the doctor’s report with this diagnosis and all appointments with a specialist doctor. Finally Gavril agreed to have antidepressant prescribed so that he could go to work again.

No, it was not the end of the world for Gavril. He wife knew about it, but they kept it secret from everybody else. Gavril was ashamed and tried to forget the illness as much as possible. With the time he found a balance with help of the drugs, with which he could live. It was an unsteady balance which always threatened to tip over. Gavril turned into a different Gavril.

Bildquelle: http://www.pixabay.com

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