Alopecia areata (circular bald patch) or where Latin is still useful

Dita was 16 when she first noticed a small round bald patch on her head hidden by hair. That was not so bad, because Dita had long thick hair and this patch was so cleverly hidden that nobody could see it. Dita also didn’t see it, but really first felt it. When you are 16 years old and puberty is at its peak, your appearance is your be all and end all. A bald girl, even if the bald patch can be hidden, is a girl with a blemish. Dita was worried. Read More »


DepressionGavril was popular. No wonder. He was funny and entertaining, he liked to laugh and could make other people laugh. One wanted to be in his company. He was a welcomed guest and did not miss any party. One of his trademarks was that he left the party as the last one after having helped tidying up.

He had everything one could wish for. A family with two children, a little house in the outskirts of the city, a job with which he earned enough in order to do the things he liked and many friends. Read More »

Alma and the law which does not tolerate any exceptions

592855_web_R_by_birgitH_pixelio.deAlma had achieved a lot of which others can only dream of. A career in a medium sized company up to the management and this as the only woman. An intact, functioning family with a diligent husband in a similar job position as she had. An unproblematic child, which brought home good marks, behaved itself and hardly ever gave reason to be angry.Read More »