Visit to the natural swimming pool for 3.50 Swiss Franc

155523_web_R_by_Momo111_pixelio.deWith my youngest one, who currently has the same shoes size as my mother, we decided on Sunday to get to know the natural swimming pool.

I imagined something resembling a little lake in the middle of the forest. Concerning the water temperature my expectations were right. On the last day in May the water was cold, very cold actually. Unfortunately the natural swimming pool did not have anything romantic about it. It was a large concrete pool, grey, rectangular and with strict rules. The funny part of the natural swimming pool, meaning a medium sized flat pool overgrown with plants and a duck couple and three freshly hatched ducklings was not accessible.

All that would have been okay but unfortunately half of the things good for fun were forbidden here. Jumping into the water: forbidden. Sitting on the wooden benches separating in the water the swimmer from the non-swimmer part: forbidden. Digging holes in the gravel at the waterside: even for 4-years olds forbidden. Play football on the grass: not allowed. That one could not go to the restaurant without t-shirt was then only consequent.

I was disappointed. The expectations had been high. And in this exact case it led to a classic frustration composition. The moment of expectation followed by the moment of disappointment. Furthermore the lake was only 1.5km away from there. There the water probably would have been just as cold but all the above mentioned things would have been allowed. Retrospectively one could say that our decision to try it was wrong. But don’t we experience such things continuously? We made the best of it and went to play miniature golf and that was great.


Bildquelle: Momo111 /

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