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Technology again

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Maren Bessler pixelioOur office building is basically a high security building where no unauthorised person has access. This is not an exception nowadays but standard with international companies. The security requirements and provisions are high during the week and on weekends almost insuperable. Not that I usually go to the office on weekends but one weekend in January I had to, as on Monday 8am was a deadline and the pile of work was only to be tackled with a special shift in the office.

I arrived on Sunday morning shortly after six. In order to get in, it is not sufficient to have the badge that opens doors automatically but one also has to provide one’s finger print to get in. It was bitter cold, finally it was January. The first barrier let me through but the second one rejected my finger print as unknown. I tried it again and again. Everything without avail. It did not work. The building has several entries. I moved on to the next one and tried it there and voilà, it worked and I got in and could work undisturbed and intensive. On Sunday afternoon I decided to take a break and went to the sauna. After two ours I returned relaxed and full of energy. The same game as in the morning repeated itself. With the experience of the morning I walked on to the next door to find out that this time my finger print was not recognised by any of the scanners as my own. Obviously both cold and the warmth of the sauna have influence on my skin and turn me into a new personality.

The result was that I continued working in the garage because it is open to the public and it is warm and light. But at one point I had to go to the office to fetch my remaining things. I tried it again after a quarter of an hour, after half an hour, after one hour and see there, my finger print was recognised as my own and I was let in. Eureka!!!

I am a diligent user of technology. I am absolutely convinced that in the next 25 years technology will change our life dramatically so that our time today will seem like technological middle age. At the same time I mistrust technology because I fear that it well let me down when I will need it most. In my house the previous owner (a technology freak) built in exactly such finger print reader. But I firmly refuse taking it into operation and rely on simple keys.

Because my garage is not open to the public and I do not want to seek shelter with friends if it denies me access as a technological diva.

Bildquelle: Maren Bessler / pixelio.d

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