Car body damage

587264_web_R_K_B_by_Dominik Pöpping_pixelio.deI have my driving licence since I am 18 years old. An eternity. My penalties and car damages can be counted on one hand and I am incredibly proud of that. But this June was like bedevilled. I come to my car and notice that someone touched it when parking and slightly damaged it. Read More »

Technology again

Maren Bessler pixelioOur office building is basically a high security building where no unauthorised person has access. This is not an exception nowadays but standard with international companies. The security requirements and provisions are high during the week and on weekends almost insuperable.Read More »

Schon wieder die Technik

Maren Bessler pixelioUnsere Bürogebäude ist eigentlich ein Hochsicherheitstrakt, wo kein Unbefugter reinkommt. Das ist heutzutage keine Ausnahme, sondern Standard bei internationalen Unternehmungen.‎ Die Sicherheitsanforderungen und Massnahmen sind unter der Woche hoch und am Wochenende‎ fast unüberwindbar. Read More »