Michaela Merz

Robbie is in town

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I don’t know when I became a fan of Robbie Williams and why. It just happened. And when he is visiting us, I want to see him. Why? Because he is an exceptionally gifted entertainer. Now he was again in Zurich and managed to fill the Hallenstadion twice in a row. Obviously I am not alone with my partiality for an evening with him. And how he managed to sell out the Hallenstadion!!! On the day when the advance sale started, I sat at my computer and wanted to buy 2 tickets. I did not manage it!! This was the first time ever. Within minutes thousands and thousands of stances and seats were gone. Unbelievable!! And then I read the reviews after the concert in newspapers and have the impression that these critics cannot have been in the same concert as I was. In the reviews Robbie gets away rather middle-rated. Like an aging, much promising beau, who cannot really sing and does not keep his promise.

Every time I experience him differently. My first live concert was in Bern in the Stade de Suisse. He also managed to fill this huge stadium. I was eight months pregnant, had a huge belly and was worried whether it was a good idea to dive into these masses of people in my condition. But one week before I had been at the football World championship and thus trained a bit. I bought tickets very much at the top of the tribune, far away from the stage, hype and the stances, which my teeny daughters had wished for. We three women and my large belly went. The supporting acts were terrible but the concert started on time like Swiss clockwork. And Robbie managed alone, without dancers, without light effects, without any artificial elements to entertain the entire stadium and to put everyone in a wonderful mood. Robbie made us laugh. We felt at ease, like a unit with thousands of heads. Simply unique. He ended on time, gave no bonus songs and was gone. I managed to avoid the big rush, to find my two teenagers and to bring all of us home, very tired but happy and satisfied.

The same repeated itself this year. Robbie starts and ends on time, as if he had to bring his little daughter to bed, about who he talks with incredible gentleness and devotion. He aged like all of us but he can make jokes about it, like his comments about grey hair. And he manages again and again with small gestures, with short remarks to make people laugh. At which other pop concert one laughs as much as with him?! I like people who can laugh about themselves, I like people with charm and humour, I like people how know their own limits, I like people who have extraordinary talents. I like Robbie Williams.

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