Dancing Queen

278896_web_R_K_B_by_RainerSturm_pixelio.deIn the Habsburg monarchy, society life was important and strictly regulated. In the better circles, ballroom dancing was part of the education and had to be learned.

In 1918 the monarchy was split in the individual national states. However ballroom dancing as part of the education in the middle class survived the monarchy. Read More »

The unpleasant truth

The days are getting warmer and dresses more daring. Today in the morning Melanie came to the office and was upset. I wanted to know what had happened because she had red spots in the face, which usually appear when she is stressed.

She complained that a young man had offered her a seat in the tram. First I thought that emancipation was that advanced with her that she would be angry about this instead of pleased. Read More »

Red dress (story my school colleagues told me)

During my economics studies in Prague, a friend from Brno called me and asked me to come. He needed help right away. In his factory the workers had gone on strike. It was August and I had holidays. I was flattered that a factory director asked me for help.Read More »