Michaela Merz

Sensapolis Boeblingen – the perfect children’s birthday party

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Children’s birthdays are great. As I child I was permitted to invite two friends to my place and because it was allowed, we turned the living room furniture into a fairy tale castle and the flat into a witch land. Even though the flat only had little less than 100m2 and it was forbidden to enter the bedroom and the kitchen, the following tidying up took hours.

Remembering this exhausting tidying up work, I organised the birthday parties for my children and their countless friends always outside. We played in the forest, had barbecue, built huts, visited museums and played at the river bank. Everything but NOT AT HOME!!

Recently I had to go to Boeblingen for business and when leaving the motorway I saw a large white building with the letters Sensapolis. What is that? I thought and found the perfect commercial place for birthday parties.

One can do lots of things – climb, slip down slides, loose oneself in the fairy tale castle, learn how to dance, show courage in the top of the trees, drive electro carts with up to 52km/h, defend a pirate ship, try water games, be astonished in the science centre, learn roller skating, float on a rope from the high rope park above the restaurant guests, shoot at each other with balls in the jungle and again and again slip down slides.

When we arrived, my junior was asked “Are you new here?” He looked at the woman in amazement thought of it, and then he said “It’s okay; it’s my 7th birthday today”. That way his free entry ticket as birthday child was secured. And his expectations were not only fulfilled but by far exceeded. He did not need me anymore. The children ran to and fro, disappeared and returned, wet, with red faces and then they were gone again. Nobody wanted to eat. There was no time for it. And I thought that with all my fantasy and organisation talent, it would have been difficult to compete with this commercial success.

Now my youngest one would like to celebrate his 8th birthday here as well, even if he would not get any other presents.

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