Michaela Merz


Poncelet polygons sitting in a special projective pencil are affinely regular

I was at the maths department at the university of Zurich to listen to the results of a piece of work.  

I already knew what the discussion would be about, they were to discuss the possibility of a polygon spinning evenly in an ellipse. But I have to admit that frankly, I didn’t understand any of it.

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Work-Life in Balance?

Ich habe drei Kinder, seit dem letzten Jahrtausend eine 100% Stelle und einen anspruchsvollen, erfüllenden Job. Man könnte sagen, ich habe es geschafft die heiss diskutierte Work-Life Balance zu finden und zu leben. Continue reading

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Work-Life Balance – a myth?

I have three children, since the last millennium a full-time position and a demanding, satisfying job. You could say I have succeeded in finding and living the hotly discussed work-life balance. Continue reading