PwC Webinar: Intensive course on Swiss VAT for foreign VAT professionals

Dates: 20 April 2021 | 4 May 2021 | 18 May 2021 | 1 June 2021

About the course

You have a sound understanding of VAT and are looking for a practical way to learn and understand the specific details of Swiss VAT and how it differs from the EU VAT system. You want to identify the opportunities you have to improve your overall Swiss VAT position.

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Webinar : The impact of Brexit on Pharma, Life Science and MedTech companies

Brexit is coming closer every day with many aspects still unclear which makes it hard for you to prepare for it.

We will have a closer look at the current status quo and the impact of Brexit on indirect taxes, movement of goods and trade for Pharma, Life Sciences and MedTech Companies.

We will be guiding you through the most recent developments, established agreements between the UK and Switzerland and the most important legislations / regulations.

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Recordings PwC – SAP GTS Virtual Roadshow

We’re sorry if you were not able to participate in our SAP GTS Virtual Roadshow.

Together with SAP experts, we explored how SAP Global Trade Services supports companies in their journey towards achieving a transparent and efficient supply chain. We also discussed trade-related hot topics and held a Q&A session where we addressed the participants’ questions and concerns.

We would still like to share our insights with you. Here is a link to the recording of our webinar:

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Video-Podcast: Prof. Dr. Markus Huppenbauer, «Corona und Wirtschaftsethik», Freitag 17. April 2020

Der Lockdown verursacht immense wirtschaftliche Schäden. Bereits jetzt schnellen die Arbeitslosenzahlen in die Höhe und insbesondere KMUs der Gastro- und Kulturbranche sind in der Existenz bedroht. Inwieweit können und sollten wirtschaftliche Aspekte in die Ausrichtung der Strategie zur Bewältigung der Coronakrise einfliessen?

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Switzerland: VAT return digitalization

Swiss VAT – “MWST-Abrechnung easy”

Today, the FTA reached another milestone in its digitization strategy: More than half of the taxable persons settle VAT online.

Within the last year, the proportion of persons settling online has risen from 36% to over 50%. This means that currently more than 194,000 companies are settling VAT electronically, and the trend is rising.

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Webcast : Middle East VAT Challenges in the New Decade for non-residents providing inbound professional, e-commerce and digital services”

I am delighted to invite you to the next in the series of global webcasts on “Middle East VAT Challenges in the New Decade for non-residents providing inbound professional, e-commerce and digital services” on Monday 10 February 2020.  

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Online shopping: PwC Total Retail Survey 2015

Photo_R_RGB_SH14_D4_JA_5190.jpgFifteen years ago, in the heyday of the e-business boom, internet promised to change industries and business models very quickly, first of all in retail trade. When these promised changes did not realise very quickly, this resulted in the bursting of the dot-com bubble.Read More »