Marta, the entrepreneuse

I have known Marta as long as I can remember. We went to kindergarden together and both suffered under the strict regime of the time. After lunch we had to lie down and sleep. Marta and I could never sleep. The teacher covered our faces with a sheet. I hated it and struggled against it. Marta also didn’t want to sleep but she did not resist. She said, that didn’t help, and she could use the time better to think about how she get hold of the two red marbles of our sleeping fellow student, Jacob.

As kindergarden revolutionary, I struggled against the instruction to sleep, lost and was punished. The consequence was my complete refusal to go to kindergarten, because for me it was the place of constant humiliation. All that didn’t help.

When she attended primary school, Marta sold the fruit out of her grandmother’s garden in home-made paper bags from the roadside and then in the 7th class built up in the school a flourishing business with records, and that exclusively with singles. In the gymi Marta traded with everything. Whoever wanted something and could not find it in the shop and that was often the case during my school time, went to Marta. Marta supplied everything. Jeans of the desired brand, concert tickets, a summary of the most important authors for the matura.

Then we both started our studies and lost sight of each other. I met her almost 15 years later. Marta had built up a wholesale delicatessen and supplies numerous hotels, shops and restaurants. Today she has almost 370 employees, is very successful and satisfied with life. By the way she didn’t complete university for lack of time, because her emerging business needed her management and her decisions around the clock.

I have wondered for a long time whether a person can be trained to be an entrepreneur or whether one is born so. Certainly, one can learn some things, but the inner drive, as in Marta, must be there.

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