Italy – changes in the use of VAT warehouse as from 1 of April 2017

477118_web_r_by_barbel-jobst_pixelio-deWith effective date April 1st, 2017, significant changes will be introduced in relation to the use of the VAT warehouse and the way to account for VAT following the withdrawal of the goods.

In particular, art. 50-bis of Law Decree no. 331/1993 (the provision regulating VAT warehouse simplification in Italy) has been amended as follows:Read More »

Easy guide to your Italian business
We offer this publication to all those people with entrepreneurial spirit who are interested in understanding the essentials of the Italian system, with the hope of contributing to the success of their business.

A growing number of companies, both small and large, consider the world to be their market of reference. One of the prerequisites to accomplish this aim is to know and interpret local rules and regulations.Read More »

Italy – Semplificazioni fiscali – details available how to avoid bank guarantee

PwC_PC_Italy_Venice_MB_001.jpgLegislative Decree no. 175/2014, so called “Semplificazioni fiscali” concerning tax simplification in connection with the VAT refund claims was introduced in 2014. When released, the rules concerning the simplification procedure were unclear, especially in the application for non-EU companies. Read More »

Changes in the EU legislation (1)4 Ministers of culture asked for change in EU legislation to tax e-books exactly as physical books.

Read More »

Finland – Supreme Administrative Court decision on the VAT treatment of non-printed books after ECJ decision (K Oy – C-219/13)

PwC_Teetasse_EN2015 seems to start with book related VAT news in the EU. After the ECJ’s judgment in the K Oy case (C-219/13), the Finnish Supreme Administrative Court (“SAC”) delivered its ruling at the end of December. Read More »

Italy: reduced VAT rate of 4% on e-books from 1 January 2015

PwC_R_Vinesh.Naidoo_Yoginee.Sharma_Vernie.Slabert_SouthAfrica_Jhb_P_CW_0017.JPGThe Italian Parliament passed the 2015 Finance Law on 22 December, which applies the 4% VAT rate to e-books as of 1 January 2015. According to the legislation any publication that is identified by an ISBN code (International Standard Book Number) and transmitted through any physical or electronic means, should be considered as a book and, as a result, subject to the 4% reduced VAT rate.Read More »

Italy – simplification in the VAT Law and some new obligations as from 1 of January 2015

People sitting on a long bench talking (3) - PwC, Photo_RGB_PC_48164.jpgOn November 28, 2014, the Legislative Decree laying down provisions related to tax simplification so called “Decreto semplificazioni fiscali” (Legislative Decree no. 175 dated November 21, 2014) has been published in the Official Italian Gazette.Read More »

Italy – changes as from 13 December 2014

People sitting on a long bench talking (3) - PwC, Photo_RGB_PC_48164.jpgAs from 13 of December following changes will be applied concerning VAT Law:Read More »

Italy EU Presidency priorities for the period 1 of July to 31 of December 2014

Italy took over EU Council Presidency  on 1 July 2014 for the following 6 months. Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi presented Italy’s  priorities to the new Members of the EU Parliament  and the formal programme has now been released.

In the area of indirect taxation, the Italian Presidency willRead More »

Italy – Web Tax legislation as from 1 of July 2014

The Italian Parliament approved on December 23, 2013, the Finance Law for 2014 (so called “Legge di Stabilità” – no. 147/2013). Such a law has provided for the set up of the so called “web tax”.

At a first stage, the web tax should have been both for VAT and corporation income tax perspectives. The VAT aspects of the web tax has now been repealed (please see below). Read More »