Changes in the EU legislation (1)4 Ministers of culture asked for change in EU legislation to tax e-books exactly as physical books.

Malgorzata Omilanowska (Poland), Monika Grütters (Germany) Fleur Pellerin (France) and Dario Francheschini (Italy) sent a letter to the European Commission as an answer to the European Court of Justice decision against France and Luxembourg in connection with application of normal tax rate to e-books.
“We share the belief that it is necessary to apply the same reduced rates of VAT to both digital and printed books. We ask the European Commission to propose without delay an evolution in the European legislation to allow reduced tax rates of VAT for all books whether they are printed or digital.”

The progress in technology cannot be stopped. However the VAT legislation respectively its implementation increase the cost for new technology solution.  European VAT legislation should support  new developments  and address them with appropriate amendment much quicker than it happen today.

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