Easy guide to your Italian business

We offer this publication to all those people with entrepreneurial spirit who are interested in understanding the essentials of the Italian system, with the hope of contributing to the success of their business.

A growing number of companies, both small and large, consider the world to be their market of reference. One of the prerequisites to accomplish this aim is to know and interpret local rules and regulations.


It is well known that foreign entities interested in initiating commercial activities or, in any case, investing in Italy, have a preliminary need to understand potential tax implications as well as certain fundamental aspects of the Italian legal system. “What about Italy?” would like to be an operative guide to understand and evaluate, immediately and simply, the tax and legal implications that entities operating or investing in Italy must deal with, providing for an adequate overview of the main corporate, contractual, tax and labour-related legislative requirements. With this purpose in mind, PwC Tax and Legal Services (Italy) has prepared this guide, following a “FAQ” (Frequently Asked Questions) layout rather than a traditional hand-book format.

Download the broschure

Whilst this handbook is not to be considered in any way exhaustive, PwC Tax and Legal Services (Italy) believes that the questions and answers chosen provide an adequate scenario of the tax and legal framework in Italy, thereby assisting any foreign entity in their evaluation of setting up specific businesses in our country. This publication should be considered solely as an instrument of preliminary information that does not exempt potential investors from carrying out a more detailed analysis of specific situations and specific markets.

PwC Tax and Legal Services (Italy) will, of course, be ready and eager to provide any technical support requested.

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