Michaela Merz

People I work with

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People in meetingsBlue or royal blue blousePeople sitting at a table or conference tablePhoto_RGB_R_NL_JA_D2_01847I like to work. But the real difference if the day was good or not, has something to do with the people I work with.

I am privileged by being provided with the opportunity to work with the brightest of professional people on this globe. I really enjoy it. I enjoy seeing their transition from beginners to experienced professionals, how they are passionate about what they do, how they work hard day and night to produce the most brilliant solution to solve the issues of somebody else.

But what I enjoy most is the humanity I experience in our global team. They are not simply colleagues in the office, they turn into friends and help each other when needed far beyond the office hours. It is a privilege having so many friends, a privilege knowing so many people on which you can count. Words are not enough to describe the variety of people I deal with, the fun we have when we work together. Maybe this short Video can succeed in expressing how great they are and how much they enjoy themselves.

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