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Invitation: PwC Webinar „How do the new Swiss VAT rules affect my organisation?”

You may be aware that imminent changes in the law governing Swiss VAT (value-added tax) are set to have a major impact on businesses in both Switzerland and abroad. The main change for foreign companies relates to the VAT registration requirement: Continue reading

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Norway – SAF-T introduction probably postponed till 1 of January 2019

Referring to the last information about SAF-T, I would like to come back with an update:

The Norwegian Tax Authorities have published a new statement about the possible full implementation of the SAF-T in Norway (not only as a voluntary scheme). Continue reading

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India – CBEC issues notifications for amending tax rates on specified services

CBEC issues notifications for amending tax rates on specified services

The CBEC has issued notification nos. 20-23/2017-Central Tax (Rate) dated 22 August, 2017 amending tax rates on specified services. The news alert captures the changes made in each of the notifications in detail. Continue reading

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KSA – Update on the deadline for the registration

I would like to inform you about the following changes regarding the deadline of the registration:

The registration portal will open from 28th August after which point you have a few months to register ahead of VAT launch in January 2018. Continue reading

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Transfer Pricing Perspectives

tp-perspectives-social-media-tile-1Transfer pricing is a leading risk management issue for global businesses but probably equally a source of opportunities to “set things right”.
Explore PwC’s Transfer Pricing Perspectives for more HERE.


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Lithuania – SAF-T and i.SAF (standard audit file) requirements will be introduced in Lithuania as from 1 October 2016

697791_web_r_k_by_bildpixel_pixelio-deFor tax periods starting from 1 October 2016, companies and branches of foreign companies will be obliged to submit to the Lithuanian Tax Authority‘s system “i.SAF” data on VAT invoices issued and received under its Lithuanian VAT number in a standard file (“the i.SAF file”) in XML format on the monthly basis (by the 20th day of the following month). Continue reading

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Australia – GST Treatment of Cross-Border Transactions – GST changes to B2C and B2B supplies – new exposure draft released

Treasury has released a second exposure draft legislation on the Government’s integrity measures to extend the GST to imported digital products and other services. The exposure draft also seeks comments on provisions to give effect to the announced measure relating to GST cross-border business to business transactions and the ‘connected with Australia’ rules.

Treasury has noted that as a result of feedback from consultation (including feedback from a number of international suppliers that have had experience in dealing with similar provisions in other jurisdictions), changes have been made to the content of the earlier exposure draft. This is especially in relation to the Australian Consumer test and also the operation of the intermediary provisions. Continue reading