Norway – SAF-T introduction probably postponed till 1 of January 2019

Referring to the last information about SAF-T, I would like to come back with an update:

The Norwegian Tax Authorities have published a new statement about the possible full implementation of the SAF-T in Norway (not only as a voluntary scheme).

Previously it has been suggested that the new rules should be implemented from 1 January 2018. However, the proposed changes in the legislation are still not formally approved and decided by the Ministry of Finance. According to recent information published by the Directorate of Taxes, the Directorate is of the opinion that businesses should have a minimum of one year to adapt to the new rules from the time the rules are formally agreed. That means that even if the Ministry of Finance announces its decision in 2017, the implementation date is likely to be postponed to 1 January 2019.

The formal decision is at the discretion of Ministry of Finance, and we are therefore awaiting their decision to be officially published. Until there is a decision from the Ministry of Finance, the SAF-T scheme will remain voluntary.

I will keep you updated.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact one of the following expert:

Espen Qvist,
Per Kirknes,


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