The story of Stella – The Mystery

Stella has 13-year-old identical twins. For a long time it was not easy to tell the boys apart. It was only recently that it became obvious from their appearance and the way they dress that although they look almost identical, their characters are very different. Stella is married to David and he is a scientist who fulfils all the stereotypes of scientists. On top of that, David is mildly autistic. If he hadn’t had Stella, he would probably have starved to death. When he is researching, he forgets the whole world around him and hunger as a feeling disappears by itself after a few hours.

So it’s certainly possible that David wouldn’t even notice that he should be eating. You can see it in his face. He is tall, certainly almost 190 cm, and very skinny. Stella, on the other hand, is very small, around 160 cm, and not averse to eating and drinking, for which her curves provide clear evidence. When the two of them are out and about, they make a funny picture – long and skinny David and very small and very round Stella. Like their father, the two boys will grow very tall, that is already evident today.

I was shopping on Saturday and met Stella in front of the Migros. Stella is funny and every conversation with her is a good experience. I was surprised at how tan Stella’s face is and asked her how come. Stella told me that she had been skiing with both boys in the mountains over the 4 Easter days and that the weather was beautiful. It was so beautiful that besides the colour of her face, she had also filled up on a lot of vitamin D. I asked if David had gone too, but Stella denied it. According to her, David had to work on the completion of his research project, which he had to hand in this Wednesday, and for the last 3 weeks he had been sitting in front of his PC working on his calculations without interruption and no one was allowed to disturb him. Sometimes it was difficult to get him to eat even one meal a day together. Most of the time Stella had to put a plate next to his PC.

Then Stella told me that she had experienced something strange and didn’t know how to classify it. She and the boys went to the mountains on Thursday evening. On Thursday, Stella vacuumed and damp cleaned the floor. On Monday they came back. And yesterday, Thursday, she found a wrapped condom from Migros on the floor in a place in the living room by the stereo while she was dusting. A Migros budget condom! Stella told me she doesn’t use them, so she thought maybe it belonged to her boys, although it was a bit too early. That’s why she asked them both separately. Stella has an incredibly good and open relationship with her boys and I am always amazed at what they talk about together. I would never have brought up such topics with my parents and neither would they with me. Anyway, both boys denied it and Stella believed them. One is currently interested in his model railway and the other lives only for football. Girls are not an issue with them at the moment. Both of them, as I know them, are very childlike although they are very tall and have not yet reached puberty. There was still the cleaning lady who came twice a month to help out. But she was not there during this period. Nevertheless, Stella called and asked her. The cleaning lady was slightly offended but also denied using such a thing. Stella waited until David delivered the research paper on Wednesday. Asking him beforehand would have had no chance of success anyway. Yesterday Stella asked David if anyone had visited them over Easter. David immediately said no, because he really didn’t have time for such things and his social skills and social contacts were non-existent anyway. Stella took the package out of her trouser pocket and asked David if it was his and told him where she had found it. It was obvious that David didn’t even realise what it was at first. He had to look at it to understand what it was. Then he answered in the negative. Stella had no doubt with him either that he was telling the truth. The mystery remained and Stella searched for the answer without success. How does such a thing get into her living room.

I listened to her with interest. An exciting story. And knowing the boys as well as David, her denial seems more than credible to me. The mystery remained.

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