Swiss pensions and COVID-19: funds are affected, but can also help employers

Many of our clients have been asking for, or are concerned about, the impact of COVID-19 on their Swiss pension funds. In our view, other than some tactical asset allocation decisions, there’s no need for panic.

The short-term will bring some pain through investment returns and lower interest rates, but the challenge for Swiss pension funds remains one for the long-term.

Swiss pension funds are generally set up to manage volatile investment markets. They typically have diverse investment strategies and, by international standards, relatively low exposure to volatile asset classes compared to other countries. Pension fund management will have to engage their business continuity plans to keep operating just like any other business.

Find the following impacts and considerations and more information here.

In case of any questions/remarks please do not hesitate to contact Adrian

Adrian JonesPartner
Leader Pension Consulting, People in Deals
PwC Switzerland

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