Online-Training: Learn more about VAT, customs, export control and SAP without fees and without obligations

I feel like many of us: I often say I will learn something new or refresh my knowledge about something that I used to know a lot about.

But a lot of the time it fails because of a lack of time or possibility. During this special period where my whole team, most of my acquaintances and clients are working from home I noticed that I can and want to take the time for things that I have pushed aside for a long time. Because of this we agreed within our VAT team that different team members would prepare short presentations about different topics in the area of VAT, customs, export control or for instance SAP and present them online. In that way we can use our time to further develop our whole team and also to learn about topics that we didn’t know that much about up to now or that we had already forgotten again.

I was then asked within the team whether our clients could also participate in these short presentations and I had to say a little surprised ‘yes, why not!’.
So if you also would like to participate for free and without any obligation in our internal online trainings then just send an email to and you will receive further information and invites to all of our trainings (so that you may select the ones that are of interest to you).

I look forward to learning new things and to rediscover nearly forgotten ones. You too?

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