Swiss pensions and COVID-19: funds are affected, but can also help employers

Many of our clients have been asking for, or are concerned about, the impact of COVID-19 on their Swiss pension funds. In our view, other than some tactical asset allocation decisions, there’s no need for panic.

The short-term will bring some pain through investment returns and lower interest rates, but the challenge for Swiss pension funds remains one for the long-term.

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Switzerland – Measures for Zug’s economy

Corona virus: Canton of Zug extends a safety net for Zug businesses.

Switzerland, and thus also Canton Zug finds itself in an extraordinary situation. With the various restrictive measures taken by the Confederation to combat the coronavirus, the population and businesses of Zug are confronting a major endurance test.

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Switzerland – Emergency cash tax points for Swiss companies and groups

As a company operating or a group headquartered in Switzerland, you should consider the following short-term measures (in Switzerland and abroad) to protect your global cash tax position in these unprecedented times.

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Switzerland – Liquidity buffer in the tax area and for federal suppliers

Businesses should have the possibility to extend payment periods without having to pay interest on overdue payments.

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Schweiz – Liquiditätspuffer im Steuerbereich und für Lieferanten des Bundes

Unternehmen sollen die Möglichkeit haben, die Zahlungsfristen zu erstrecken, ohne Verzugszins zahlen zu müssen.

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Basler Läckerli (biscuits from Basel)

I’ll bake. I’ll cook. If I have to.

I’ve never enjoyed backing or cooking. Whenever I was meant to cook for myself I just ate raw food.

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100 years of ‘Circus Knie’

We didn’t have any tickets for the circus performance and it was sold out. Reason dictated it wouldn’t make any sense to go to the venue and ask for a ticket at the counter. It was November, it was cold and rainy. To watch a movie at home seemed like the better solution. We went anyway.

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