Switzerland – Emergency cash tax points for Swiss companies and groups

As a company operating or a group headquartered in Switzerland, you should consider the following short-term measures (in Switzerland and abroad) to protect your global cash tax position in these unprecedented times.

Click here to find more information on the following topics and the contact persons.

  1. Review, reduce and reclaim tax prepayment
  2. Delay tax payments
  3. Reduce penalties for late filing or late payments
  4. Increase and accelerate tax refunds by managing tax losses
  5. Reduce and reclaim withholding taxes (WHT)
  6. Accelerate input and output VAT
  7. Reduce import VAT and manage new value chains

Image Source: http://unsplash.com

2 thoughts on “Switzerland – Emergency cash tax points for Swiss companies and groups

  1. hi Michaela, is this possible in Switzerland? Taken from the link:
    Ask for special import procedure to declare
    import VAT in VAT return as reverse charge
    • VAT (no cash payment required)


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