‘What’s important?’

‘What’s important?’ Mila asked her grandma. Her Grandma, suffering from many ailments responded without thinking ‘health is the most important thing. Without health life isn’t fun anymore.’

In the evening when Mila got home she asked her mom what is important. Her mom, stuck in financial problems (as per usual her dad didn’t pay the alimony) and drowning in bills she sighed ‘financial independence, without it you lose your sleep’.

The next day at school Mila asked her teacher before the beginning of the class the same question. Her teacher responded right away ‘honesty’. She was still deep in her thoughts. Yesterday she had found out that her partner, with whom she had lived for the past three years, had another woman in his life and couldn’t decide which one was the right one for him.  

After school Mila went to Tim who was the same age as her and asked him what’s important. He looked at her and said ‘that my dad doesn’t take away my phone because of my bad grade in the German exam, without it I won’t be able to play ‘Fortnite’’.

In the late afternoon on the playground as Mila was playing with Mirande she asked her the same question. ‘What’s important?’ Miranda stopped beaming at her doll, thought about it and said very quietly so no one could hear ‘that mom doesn’t get drunk’. Mila didn’t understand but she didn’t dare ask any further questions.

In the evening as she was alone in bed the lights were already off, she thought about what really was important. She didn’t know and the answers that she had received weren’t useful at all. She thought about what was important to her. She had nearly dozed off as she realized that the most important thing was the dog that her dad had promised her on many occasions but never given to her.


Image source: unsplash.com

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