Michaela Merz

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‘What’s important?’

‘What’s important?’ Mila asked her grandma. Her Grandma, suffering from many ailments responded without thinking ‘health is the most important thing. Without health life isn’t fun anymore.’

In the evening when Mila got home she asked her mom what is important. Her mom, stuck in financial problems (as per usual her dad didn’t pay the alimony) and drowning in bills she sighed ‘financial independence, without it you lose your sleep’. Continue reading

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Insurance questions

Do you know what is covered by your insurance policy? Or better, do you know what damages are not covered?

It is raining. Without end. After the hard winter and the inexistent spring it now looks as if we would get a rainy summer.

The pictures of the flooded villages and cities cause much pain for me. What suffering!! What blows of fate! Continue reading

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There are no stupid questions

At school, physics meant trouble to me. I did not understand much during the lessons and on top of that it was not really exciting. I had to go to school by bus. With me went a girl from my parallel class. Her father was a physicist and worked at an institute. Once when he went on the same bus as we did, I asked him, whether I could ask a stupid physics question. He said that there are no stupid questions but only people, who cannot explain certain things or only very badly. Continue reading