The violin maker’s two sons

The elder of the two brothers was everything parents could wish for. Clever, kind, sensitive. In a word a model son. He liked going to school, learned quickly and willingly and for him the future was a challenge only in that he could choose from many options. In addition, at his father’s wish he played the violin and he played it so well that a musical career would also have been possible.


The younger brother was not the opposite of his big brother, but compared with him he lacked a lot. At school it was tough, the teachers complained about his behaviour and when he stood out, then it was something one couldn’t call positive. He also played the violin but in his case it was clear that a musical career was not for him.

The father was a violin maker. And a violin maker buys wood for the next generation, because it must dry out for many years in order to be able to conjure up the instrument’s sweet sound.

The father bought the wood and the business remained in the family’s hands.

The son treats it excellently and his name, like his father’s, has an excellent reputation with connoisseurs.

Now the question should arise, which of the two brothers has taken over the business. The younger. Occasionally when one has someone at one’s side who is too big, who unintentionally put’s one in the shadow, it is almost impossible to demonstrate one‘s own qualities and skills.

Think about it and also give someone a chance, who at first sight may seem to be the second choice. It could be the better option.

Image source: Rainer Sturm /

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