Switzerland: Electronic Customs Assessments – Changes as from 1 March 2018

From 1 March 2018 electronic customs assessment decisions (“eVV”) on imports will become compulsory for all importers. In future, “eVV Import”, the electronic alternative to the current yellow import duty receipt, will systematically have to be retrieved from the customs server. Companies that still receive their customs documents by post will have to make the necessary changeover.

From then on, the Swiss Federal Customs Administration (FCA) will make customs documents available on its customs server in electronic form only. Access to eVV Import and “duty bordereaux” (summary statement) will therefore represent an obligation to collect rather than an obligation to deliver.

This digitisation and the associated process changes will allow the potential for increasing quality and efficiency to be exploited and ensure greater compliance in customs and VAT.

Please click HERE for further details.


If you have any questions, please contact one of the following experts:

Simeon L. Probst, Partner, VAT & Customs, +41 58 792 53 51, simeon.probst@ch.pwc.com
Christina Haas Bruni, Senior Manager, Customs, +41 58 792 51 24, christina.haas.bruni@ch.pwc.com
Daniela Heim, Senior Manager, VAT, +41 58 792 55 15, daniela.heim-schenker@ch.pwc.com


Bildquelle: lichtkunst.73  / pixelio.de

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