Art 2017 and VAT

Art is not something I have to understand. I also don’t want to know what the artist would like to say with his work. To be honest, I don’t really care. Art must move me. It must cast a spell over me, it must awaken in me the wish to see it again.

There are some things that I like and now and again I dream of hanging in my living room something really great. I have a very ambivalent attitude to the exhibition „Kunst 20XX“. There were years when I just wanted to leave the exhibition as soon as possible. The majority of the works of art on offer said nothing to me and I found the prices exorbitant. But this year unfortunately I had not planned enough time. I thought that I wouldn’t need more. The exhibition „Art 2017“ simply bowled me over. Every third object on display said something to me, many of them I could imagine in my home and the prices were within the bounds of what a normal mortal could afford, without having to live off cervelat and bread for ten years.

I would gladly have recommended the exhibition „Art 2017“ in Zürich to you, but it is too late. I didn’t visit it until last Sunday, 2 hours before it closed. Therefore I think you need a few pictures to admire yourself and a commentary on them is not needed.

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But as I am not only a visitor, but also a tax consultant, at the ticket office I asked for an invoice. They didn’t want to give me one and said that my ticket was an invoice. But unfortunately, this ticket does not conform with the law and therefore does not allow the persons subject to VAT, who have visited this wonderful exhibition for business purposes, to recover the VAT paid. Therefore, a recommendation to the organisers – what about designing the invoices to conform with the VAT requirements for next year? I would be pleased to provide you with guidance. Perhaps in exchange for free entry next year. But that would then for VAT purposes be a barter transaction and that’s a completely different story.

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