Annie Leibowitz


I was craving for impressions and inspiration. A weekend packed with culture was called for.

I began fleet of foot with Art on Ice 2017 on Friday evening. That is entertainment of the lighter sort, which combines first class music with world class ice-skating. Last year it was simply captivating and I had enjoyed myself immensely. As so often, when expectations are high, the classical composition is not far away. In line with the motto: expectation is followed by disappointment.


The Zürich Chamber Orchestra and Jim Morrison played well, but the sporting highlights were few and far between or compared with the previous year non-existent. I found myself looking at my watch and at the end I was happy to go home. If this had been the first time, it would be OK, but as a repeat experience I have to say that I regretted the expense (nearly 130 francs).

On the other hand the Saturday evening, where the entrance cost only 20 francs, was worth every cent, or too inexpensive compared with the top performances offered on the stage. In the Comedy House a competetion in improvisation theatre had taken place with the title Maestro. The ideas, the realisation, the surprises and the balance of the ability of the various performers, provided me with an evening full of laughter. When the winner (a man again) was chosen, I was surprised how quickly the evening had sped by. I would gladly have remained in my seat and listened to another round.

On the other hand on Sunday morning already at 1000am I was at the EWZ Selnau, so that I could be present in peace and quiet and without a crowd at the opening of the photo exhibition of strong women by Annie Leibowitz. How naive of me! 3 dozen other people had already had the same idea. It was full from the beginning. The pictures are breathtaking, stylistically perfect, strong in their statements, surprising and really attractive. I found it difficult to tear myself away after two hours of wonder. I could have stood there the whole day. The exhibition was free. That shows once again that the expense is not proportionate to the quality of what is experienced. After the exhibition we had even been given a super expesso without payment. If you think it was free, you’re mistaken. Sponsor is the UBS and I assume it wants my sympathy, because with the money I deposit with the bank, it also produces something really interesting. The only thing that disturbed me was the miserable lighting, which made it very difficult to be able to view the pictures in their full majesty. A torch would not have been amiss.

If you want to visit the exhibition, don’t waste any time. It can be seen in Zürich only until 19th February. For those who want to combine this with laughter the previous evening, here is the programme of the Comedy House in Zürich.

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