Banksy in times of Corona

The first Banksy painting I saw, and that was years ago, immediately fascinated me. The painter Banksy has an incredible creativity and creates a visual language that often comes across as funny and with a very strong message. I really enjoy looking at his paintings. His actions/performances are world class. For example, the way he poked fun at the entire art world when his painting “the girl with the balloon” was auctioned at the world-famous Sotheby’s is contemptuous and grotesque at the same time. He earned just over CHF 800,000 on Sothebys with this picture.

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25th Edition of ‘Art 19’ Zurich

Each year in autumn there’s a contemporary art fair at the former industrial hall of the ABB.

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Cycling along the wild Maggia in Tessin we enjoyed with my youngest the day off, the warm sun, the fresh air and the scent of summer. There is always something to discover and so it was not long before after half an hour my youngest stopped by a stone mosaic beside the cycle trail.Read More »

Béjart – Le mandarin merveilleux – Sex education in art and daily life

The Béjart Ballet was in town. That is an experience that I never miss. Béjart exceeds one’s expectations and time and again succeeds in surprising me. It is like a meeting with another dimension. It is perfection, it is essential pure art, the realisation of music and movement, which attracts me.Read More »

Annie Leibowitz


I was craving for impressions and inspiration. A weekend packed with culture was called for.

I began fleet of foot with Art on Ice 2017 on Friday evening. That is entertainment of the lighter sort, which combines first class music with world class ice-skating. Last year it was simply captivating and I had enjoyed myself immensely. As so often, when expectations are high, the classical composition is not far away. In line with the motto: expectation is followed by disappointment. Read More »

Leonardo da Vinci’s „The Last Supper“

img_20160922_172255920 years ago I was in Milan for the first time and wanted to see the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci „The Last Supper“. I’m a great admirer of Leonardo. Then and in the following years it was not possible to see the painting, because it was in poor condition and dampness threatened to cause it further damage. I had to be satisfied with reproductions, but the desire to see the original has stayed with me.

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Bad Ragartz in Bad Ragaz

Until 4 November there is this wonderful open-air art exhibition, where things can be touched. I wanted to see it and it was really worth it. The exhibition is huge and anyone not fond of walking is definitely at the wrong place. One needs at least half a day and even then one does not manage to see everything in detail. There are many funny and original things and something for every taste.Read More »