The urge to go to school



On Saturday I attended the school lessons. A hoard of adults squeezes into a classroom; if you come too late, you don’t have a chair and about comfort you can disagree.Read More »

Romania – Decrease of the VAT rate from 24% to 20% as from 1 of January 2016

Romania decided to decrease the standard VAT rate from 24% to 20% with effect from 1 January 2016 and to 19% with effect from 1 January 2017. Also, the 9% reduced VAT rate previously applied will decrease to 5% VAT for the supply of school manuals, books, newspapers and some magazines, as well as for the supply of services consisting in the allowance of access to castles, museums, cinemas. The reduced rate of 5% VAT will also be applied for access to sportive events.
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Jealousy – a sock and panties

infidelity-379565_1280 (1)We met with our former school class. That was funny and but at the same time made me thoughtful. I wandered through the room, chatted with several groups and moved on as everyone else. Sometime in the course of the evening I sat with Martin and Elena in the corner with a glass of wine and we came to talk about the topic of jealousy.Read More »

Visual-spatial intelligence or how to park into a small slot?

Intelligence for me is the ability to derive new information from given information. This includes verbal, visual-spatial and mathematical abilities. For certain scientists also processing speed and processing capacity, creativity and capacity for remembering belong to this. All this can be measured with IQ tests.

In the 8th grade when it was about to decide what continuing school I would attend and what profession I aim for, we did such an IQ test. My results were really good but for one area, where I achieved as good as no points.Read More »

Natural selection

Katja goes jogging with her friend Nadja every week. Not far and not for long. It is a leisurely run so that the two can talk while running.

Katja currently has two admirers. Michl and Mathys. Katja likes both and both guys try as best as they can to win Katja for themselves. Mathys likes to take photos and is good at it. By now Katja has taken numerous own portraits of Mathys. Michl is more a man of words and he gave sent wonderful letters to Katja. Honestly, Katja likes Michl better but she is not quite sure about it.Read More »

When men cry

A former classmate called me very surprisingly and asked whether I have time for a drink. I did not have time but I was simply curious to know what has happened, if he contacts me after years of mutual silence. We had always gotten along well and had seen several funny things together.Read More »

The six dead soldiers from the bus stop

All my school holidays I spent in a tiny village at the Czech-German border. In this village three houses were occupied all year round and three only during the summer holidays. But in the three houses occupied all year round, lived 10 children. A little Bullerby. There was never any lack of playmates. The rest of village were ruins. Before the Second World War the village consisted of 36 houses, one school house and one guesthouse, in the surroundings were four mills. Read More »

There are no stupid questions

At school, physics meant trouble to me. I did not understand much during the lessons and on top of that it was not really exciting. I had to go to school by bus. With me went a girl from my parallel class. Her father was a physicist and worked at an institute. Once when he went on the same bus as we did, I asked him, whether I could ask a stupid physics question. He said that there are no stupid questions but only people, who cannot explain certain things or only very badly. Read More »

Our new pets – lice

About lice I read the first time when reading Karl May. Since then I associated lice with poverty, dirt and crowded living conditions. My real world had nothing to do with lice.

Since one year I regularly receive papers from the school regarding lice infestation. I looked at the hair of my junior but I would have been very surprised if I had found something. Nothing was there. See, lice are something for a slum area but not for our hygienic household.Read More »


I always wished that my parents would speak different mother tongues and I would grow up with them in a different country. At best someone with again a different language would have lived in our household. That way I could have learned several languages without accent along the way.

Unfortunately I grew up monolingual. 

When travelling one sees many things. During my holidays in Thailand I met Maria. Maria is 75 years old and lives in Australia. More than 50 years ago a young man, who had emigrated to Australia on his search for work, visited the Italian village where she was living. Read More »