Michaela Merz

How do I find the right employees

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638979_web_r_by_andrea-damm_pixelio-deThere is a theory, which states that if you are looking for an employee and you do it properly, then you place only one advertisement and receive only one response from exactly the right person.

This theory suggests that the majority of people searching are unqualified ignoramuses. Because what is described above scarcely ever happens.





Perhaps with an advert -“ We are looking for a man/woman to undertake a very special assignment. Helicopter pilot’s licence, military training of advantage. No social security and life insurance. Payment only if successful into a bank escrow account. ” That might work. But if you are looking for a qualified tax or VAT specialist, it becomes extremely difficult. I’d be satisfied if 10 people would reply to my adverts and at least two would more or less fit. But that is not the case. In recent years nobody suitable has responded to adverts.

So I look myself and have become a semi-pro. You have to be flexible and really open. On Friday evening the Niederdorf Fest took place in Zürich. The summer weather was fantastic, a great deal was drunk, there was singing and dancing in the street. Glasses were raised, one chatted boisterously with strangers in every language one could speak, someone bought you a beer and you stood a round. The atmosphere was peaceful and friendly and everything made a lot of fun.

Sometime during the evening, I met Pavel, a lawyer to be and it was not long before it was clear to me how clever and open this young man was. And so our chat over a beer turned into a job interview. We’ll see whether he sends his CV next Monday, as he promised. It didn’t last long before I met Tamaris, a clever young woman, who had just been given notice by a bank. So we had a second job interview.

No, neither of the two was a tax specialist. But with determination and interest one can learn that. I’m curious whether it works. But simply placing an advert and waiting, today that hardly functions, if at all.

If YOU are a VAT specialist who enjoys innovation and technology, write to me. I have a desk full of great projects and travel possibilities to all corners of the earth, which I would be pleased to share.

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