Michaela Merz

Circolino Pipistrello

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My youngster (nearly 10 years old) had had a project week at school. For a week the entire school had rehearsed a circus act and performed it on the Saturday. My youngster had lived the whole week only for the circus. On Monday they put up the tent and helped with the installation. They rehearsed the act and at home he had practised diligently. On Friday he was inconsolable. That was not logical, because the performance was not due until Saturday. I had expected that he would be looking forward to it, that he would have stage fright, but somehow sadness did not fit into the picture.

He told me that from Monday he would miss the circus terribly and wish that the project week would never end. Best of all he would have joined the circus straightaway and travelled the whole country with them. I tried to console him, to explain to him the advantages of everyday life, but honestly, I didn’t really succeed.

On Saturday the excitement among the children was enormous and we adults were really astonished. The children had succeeded in producing a one and half hours amusing and very entertaining performance and in executing it wonderfully. Including the circus music, which the children also realised themselves. I was astonished to see my son sitting behind the drums and setting the tone. Until today I had known that one day he wanted to do this, but have never seen him in action. Except when at home he had put together a drum out of cardboard, tins and other materials. This is how one to gets to know one’s own children.

The performance was excellent. We laughed a lot and sweated heavily (outside it was very warm and in the tent very hot). We were well entertained and time and again surprised. Towards the end I found myself thinking how great it would be, instead of going into the office for a week, to have such a project week. I could be an acrobat or even behind the drums. On that Saturday I wished I could be a child again and be allowed to take part. But some wishes can never really be fulfilled!

Everybody else I can recommend the normal, poetic, very entertaining performance by the Pipistrello team. You won’t regret it.


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