How do I sell properly

02%20FunPark_EingangI and my youngest (nearly 10) love the Playmobil Land in Zirndorf bei Nürnberg. Firstly it is just by Playmobil itself and the fact that my youngest loves playing with the figures. In this leisure park one can do what one can do scarcely nowhere else.


On the water sail Playmobil ships, in the hall stand in rows all the Playmobil cars and also the Princesses castles, waiting for children’s hands ready to play. The park is not only full of toys, with which one can play, but also designed dreamily with attractions for young and old. You can climb, drive small and large boats, slide, storm the castle, milk cows, clean horses, search for treasure in the water and the goldmine, can ride rodeo, join in with the Indians, the pirates, on the building site, at the police station or learn about dinosaurs and mythical creatures. And that is only a part.

04%20FunPark_Piratenschiff 06%20FunPark%20Power-Paddelboote







Everything is built with German thoroughness, is completely set up for families and also still not expensive. Toilets can be found at every corner and when the first time I asked myself, why they are equipped with tumblers, this became immediately clear when we came to the fountains and my youngest’s T-shirt was sopping wet. Everything has been thought of, everything is excellently organised, punctual, reliable, everything is cared for.

Compared with Legoland in Denmark a paradise on earth.
In the shop one is spoilt for choice, because Playmobil waives part of the margin, to be able to offer a huge choice at fair prices (compared with the Lego shop in Denmark, where almost everything was more expensive than in the normal toy shop). Small wonder that the children feel themselves magically attracted.

Now on Sunday we have once again made a trip. When buying the admission tickets, we were given a voucher for a key ring. And a few steps behind the entrance professional photographers are standing ready. You make a picture and 2 hours later you receive his personalised keyring AND can also buy the remaining photos. Like many visitors I couldn’t resist the good pictures when I saw them and in our digital age I have in any case fewer photos printed on paper. So in the end the trip was not so inexpensive. But it’s my own fault!

And with such a clever approach, a simple consumer like myself can simply not resist.

Playmobil Funpark impressions

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