New York – New York


New York is a special city. Whenever I arrive, I feel the additional energy, which flows through this city. It is like a stimulant that is injected into me. I simply cannot imagine that it is boring there at any time. Something is happening the whole time. Shortly after landing I set out and walked down 5th Avenue to Central Park. As ever, I was on the lookout for a small present for my youngest child. He doesn’t like it at all when I travel without him, and the only thing that placates him are the small presents, which I bring him from my travels. The older he gets, the more difficult the search.


I could already see the trees in Central Park, when I noticed a cavalcade of black limousines, which had drawn up in front of the high rise. The entrance to the building was blocked with shoulder-high gates and a group of people waiting swarmed around them. I thought that a pop star must be arriving and as I am not familiar at all with this subject, I asked a lady waiting there who was expected. She answered shortly „Donald Trump“. And in fact, he was just arriving, got out of the car, favoured the waiting crowd with a smile and marched to the entrance of his Trump Tower.

No, that was not the day’s highlight, but the ensuing cloudburst that was so heavy that, in spite of umbrella and although I tried to shelter under the awnings, my trousers looked as if they had come straight out of the washing machine. But that didn’t matter, after all it is warm and everything dries quickly.

Out and about with the locals, the conversation is mainly about food. Where does one go to, which is the in salad, sandwich or dessert restaurant. What did one have to eat yesterday, what today and what is planned for Friday. One can also eat excellently in New York. The newest hit seems to be the dessert restaurant, which advertises its tables for the whole month on the first of the month. In a short time they are fully booked. Only if one is very lucky, can one enjoy the 8 course dessert after dinner.

On that evening in Bryan Park “Musical Chairs“ was being played. I remember that from my childhood. One places chairs in a circle, the music plays and when it stops, everyone has to sit down. As one chair is missing, one person remains standing and is out of the game. Another chair is taken away and one continues playing until the final round with one chair and the last two people. Here in New York it was played by adults and we joined in. It made great fun.

This city demands total commitment from me, but as long as I am there, I don’t notice it. On the flight home, I just have to sit down and I fall asleep immediately. There is so much to see in this friendly, entertaining, exciting city. I would like to have stayed longer, but at home my youngest was waiting for me and one has to set one’s priorities correctly.

Image source: Carl-Ernst Stahnke /

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