ColdplayIt’s raining. It’s not pouring down, but steadily. It doesn’t disturb the die-hard fans. They have fought hard for their standing room in front of the stage, in most cases because they have been waiting there since long before the band arrived. A little bit of water can’t harm them.

They are professionals, covered in plastic and well equipped, nothing can drive them away! Apart perhaps from the call of nature, which affects everyone.

I once read that for the few women, who work in the oilfields, the lack of liquids is one of the most pressing problems, because they don’t drink enough. It’s obvious. They have to wear protective clothing, which covers the whole body, and which is incredibly difficult to put on. If one drinks, the subsequent visit to the toilet is inevitable and that means a painful undressing and a painful re-dressing. As a woman one prefers not to drink.

Now I think about the fans in front of the stage. Do they cope with the problem in the same way? Thanks to the rainy weather, the temperature is only about 18 degrees and there is no risk of a sunstroke. But the queue for the mobile toilets is unending. The rain drives away some of those waiting, namely the non-die-hard fans, who flee under the shelter of the seating places. The toilets are directly in front of us and from time to time watching those waiting is more amusing than what’s happening on stage during the performances of the supporting groups.

For example the slim young lady with the long black hair, who is dancing even in the queue. The intensity of her dance is amazing – right leg, left leg – increases more and more, until it is clear that this has nothng to do with dancing, but that she is trying desperately to keep her trousers dry until it’s her turn. Or the lady, who is holding in her hands three full mugs of beer until it’s her turn.

Finally it’s 8.00 p.m.: Coldplay are standing on the stage and the jam at the toilet is cleared in seconds. It starts raining again and how! But the atmosphere rises immediately by 20 degrees. All hands stretch upwards, there’s dancing, clapping, singing. It rains confetti, the fireworks and the smoke rise skywards and meet the rain clouds.

The concert was simply SUPER!!! In this atmosphere rain disturbs nobody at all.

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