What do you do when it rains in Ticino? – Sasso San Gottardo

I’m not an anxious person but the strong wind that woke me up during our holidays at night did have an effect on me. It didn’t feel like a view out of the window but more like watching a movie about natural disasters on the telly. Somehow everything was moving even when it was meant to be still. When branches, lots of leaves and clothing items flew through the air it was still understandable, but when I saw how the wind lifted the metal deckchairs up into the air and threw them into the swimming pool, I started to feel a little queasy.

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Iceland, Shetland, Scotland

I took some time out to travel to the north. That won’t be your thing if you enjoy reliable weather, warm temperatures and a beach holiday.

The north is rough and if I can guarantee you something, it’s that it’ll rain at least once if not several times. It will be cold and windy but at the same time, you will be in awe.

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My youngest was 10 years old

661248_web_r_by_helene-souza_pixelio-deMy youngest was 10 years old. Then one notices how fast time passes. I feel as if it was only yesterday when I brought him home the first time.

Now he has wished for a larger children’s birthday party. The list of the children he wanted to invite grew longer and longer and finished up with 25. Despite the help I knew I could call on, a group of 25 under-10s seemed to be a heavy responsibility and I negotiated him down to 10 children.Read More »


ColdplayIt’s raining. It’s not pouring down, but steadily. It doesn’t disturb the die-hard fans. They have fought hard for their standing room in front of the stage, in most cases because they have been waiting there since long before the band arrived. A little bit of water can’t harm them.

They are professionals, covered in plastic and well equipped, nothing can drive them away! Apart perhaps from the call of nature, which affects everyone. Read More »

Saving lives

With my youngest one we were on a bike tour. Suddenly we saw a large, almost black puddle, which was moving. We stopped and watched countless small black tadpoles how they were swimming to and fro and thus caused the movements we were watching. We were standing there, fascinated and captivated. There were so many small animals crowded on such close space. Read More »

It’s raining in New York

The weather forecast for Thursday was frightening. Gale-force storm and rain. For someone like me, who grew up in the middle of Europe, far away from the sea, such storm is hard to imagine.

During the day I was sitting in the office and watched from the window in the 34th floor how the sky darkened, the visibility deteriorated and the surrounding sky scrapers disappeared behind a veil of rain. Read More »

A usual Sunday

When I came home on Saturday evening, my first way was to my vegetable garden. My vegetable garden is my pride, my baby, my passion. As with one’s own children, the success is mixed. Every now and then it works out marvellous and then we, all our neighbours and half of the family in Switzerland and abroad eat the fruits of my efforts. So for example six years ago, when I had planted cauliflower and it had grown like mad. For weeks we ate cauliflower dishes with the effect that since then the children refuse to eat cauliflower. Organic or not.Read More »